Category: Poems

  • Tough

    Life’s tough, we’ve all got it roughBut we keep walking, believing in someone above There’s no past, there’s no presentIt’s just a memory with a series of events We suffer our memory, we suffer our intelligenceNothing’s outside, just our negligence Happiness is a choice, but a choice of conditionsNo doubt we ponder, because we got […]

  • The irony

    Some say life is a rollercoaster It’s ups and downs that thrills But to me, it’s like a morning rooster Every single day, the same old screams; The same music which sounds enjoyable once Becomes intolerable, and repetitive after a few runs Lucky are those with hopes and ambition For the rest lives in confusion […]

  • Chaos

    In the end, its always silence And yet to reach there, we choose violence There’s peace in the end, there’s peace to defend And yet we choose agony, and fine we pretend The air’s so busy, the people so noisy And yet we’re alone, indifferent, and drowsy The world moves fast, overseeing direction and loss […]

  • Winter is coming

    Hazy days n’ smokey morningsCalling for a change of wearingsSleepy heads and lurch slow paceBut clock ticks at a constant phaseEyes feel blurry and mentally fuzzyBut hey, it’s time to get a little busyLonger nights of peace and silenceDwelled in aurora of benevolenceWhen the calm mind speaksLouder than the words or soundsYou know that, the […]

  • Coffee and code

    The code compiles, And the coffee gets cold; Semicolons were corrected, But save me some scold! Function returns zero, Feels like a super hero Then someone’s intrusion And plethora of confusion! Time for StackOverflow Unless the things I know, Hours wasted, things learned Coding ain’t a magic wand! 

  • The blind rat

    In the midst of odd talks By the people of late walks, Lies a series of thoughts; Seldom heard, and seldom felt Though experienced and often dealt; In the kingdom of reality, Lies a broken knight of fatality; In the cover of arrogance, Lies a heart wrapped in innocence; In the rat’s race called competition, […]

  • The introvert

    In a world that demands faster thoughts, I keep getting lost in depth of words; Fighting through days, adoring nights, Lesser and better of others insights; Trying hard to make things simpler, Hoping it matters sooner or later; Devoid of few things others call fun, Here I am, making some pun; Well, it’s now midnight […]

  • The express of life

    Moving on in life, masked in disguise;Driven by acceptance ‘o society!With expectations of dearsAnd the greatest of almighty; Dawns vanish and days slip,Nights repeat, with the familiar beats.Things go fast, and things go wrongBut nothing’s going to last so long;Traveling in an expression of a beam;But the time I waited for,Is still nowhere to be […]

  • Lost ray of delight

    Merging into a beam of light,Losing my own ray of delight;In an endless race of blinded vision, With an indefinite destination,continuing my every breath,Moving, evolving, and hustlingbut with procrastination.Damn, what a puzzling situation…Any explanation?